Richard Harris

Developer of events and systems for the free exchange of ideas

Richard Harris has worked principally in communications and strategy in real estate, development of the built environment and event management.

After graduating from Cambridge University in 1975, he began his career in theatre management and publicity in the UK and Kenya, before taking an MBA in London in 1982 where he became interested in design management and real estate. He then worked in property design and development in the UK in marketing and consultancy rôles.

From 1989 he was based in Italy where he continued to conduct independent feasibility studies and to provide international marketing consultancy. In 1999 he was the founding director of EPIC, Italy’s first international real estate conference. He returned to London in 2004 as Head of Conferences at IPD, and in 2006 became Head of the UK Office of REAG, the Real Estate Advisory Group of American Appraisal. In 2007 he was again an independent consultant working in particular with IPD on the development of two new “global” conferences in the USA and Australia.

From 2009 to 2012 he was VP of Strategy of Living PlanIT, where his role covered governance and monetisation of the built environment. In 2010 he returned to Italy, where he has now collaborates on the development of instruments of market transparency in Italian and global property, including the management of the Italian real estate transaction database on behalf of Nomisma and Real Capital Analytics from January 1994.

In 2012 he launched, which organises conferences with the emphasis on open discussion between members of the public and subject experts. The objective is to introduce a global conference format with some similarities to TED and TEDx, but with far greater audience participation. A related initiative is the Italian-language magazine “La Spia della Maremma”, which seeks to stimulate analysis and debate of the future of a territory that can be considered a metaphor for an Italy in which conservation and innovation must learn to cohabit.

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