Fabio Ferrari

Cloud Computing Ninja | DevOps | Cybersecurity

Google Cloud Architect
Analysis, design and deployment of Google Cloud infrastructures around Google World wide datacenter (USA – EMEA – Asia). Full services integration in load balanced and auto-scaled architectures in order to distribute application loads to several compute nodes and high available systems with a guaranteed uptime.

Full support for pipeline design and implementation in Online Application Lifecycle Management processes.
Continuous Integration in most used development environments like PHP, Java, Django, NodeJs.
Continuous Delivery for staging and Q/A environments
Continuous Deployment for production-ready systems where automation is the key for application success.

World Wide Networking
Services distribution around the globe by CDN and Caching systems over all continents.
Traffic routing management by DNS rules, tagging or access proximity based on user country.
Consultant for China ICP certification and issues related to Great Firewall of China.

Kubernetes & Docker
Design and Development of Docker container micro-services architectures managed by Docker (Swarm, Compose) or full management and automated deployments by Kubernetes in high-available architectures.

Linux Server Management
Yes sure, I can also manage a single Linux server or a cluster of them.
Linux distribution is not a problem, I can work on Debian / Ubuntu / CentOS / RedHat / Kali
Even if you have an old server with Slackware won’t be a problem.

IT Security
– Web Application Penetration Testing
– Vulnerability Assessments and Patch Management
– Information Security Consulting and Research
– Hacked Website and Malware removal

Backup and Disaster Recovery
How important are your data? Don’t discover when it will be too late.
Backup and Disaster recovery process for existent environments where data are too important to be lost.
Cloud Backups with an Object Storage solution and multi-site/zone recovery.

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