Alessio Garofalo

Digital Designer

Hello space-time,
I’m Alessio. In the early nineties, I spent most of my time playing Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder on Amiga Platforms. At the same time my interests in  Graphics Application Framework grew by looking at Deluxe Paint AGA. Demo Scene was another important way for me to look at graphics and sound applied to an un-useful running code.

The Technic High School I attended was centered in learning about programming languages and their electronic applications, such as microcontrollers.
In the same period Internet was growing as a big opportunity for sharing informations between people, so my interest was growing and I found a job as web-application developer.
I found my passion in web-related brand, mainly Macromedia and Adobe, and their web-based applications.
The Linux breakthrough was really important to bring information accessibility at a local-user level in the smartphone and tablet era.
So I started working mainly on research and development of new layouts and graphic solutions for the human-device interface.

In this last period my activity i am more focused on the creation of video game levels, landing pages and casino design.

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